Minina Manifesto 

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"

Audrey Hepburn

Minina world

The Spirit and the ambition of Minina, the basic philosophy is to fill a space between high fashion and fast fashion, to be able to bring back and revive an elegance in everyday clothes, an attention to detail, a refined lightness that belong to past times that the complexity and frenzy of our present have sadly put aside, reinterpreting it in a contemporary style. The Passion for color in all its indefinite and unusual shades, so that for each season a new color chart is studied, handcrafted by us and subsequently a new "recipe" is developed on the whole collection with the "GARMENT DYED" technique, which makes each garment unique and unrepeatable.


The fantasy and creativity in the Prints are specially designed by us, with a different inspiration and theme for each new Collection.

Attention to the idea of recycling and waste, thus led to the idea of ​​recovering production leftovers and scraps of fabrics by transforming them into home accessories, pajamas and nightgowns, comfortable patchwork bags to put in luggage. Our entire collection is produced in Italy, in Lombardy to be precise, because we firmly believe in the craftsmanship and quality of Made in Italy. The Minina style does not have and does not want to have a definite age, because we are convinced that elegance is a way of being that every woman interprets with her own personality.